What Should I Do to Secure My Data?

Even one incident of data loss can induce panic or at least frustration. At this point, you will then ask yourself “what should I do to secure my data?” In the past, with undeveloped backup systems for the average user, there was some compromise involved with backing up your data. It was not as nearly efficient and quick as it is now, so not many people bothered with it. Unfortunately, this formed a very dangerous habit which there is no longer an excuse for.

No Reason Not To Perform A Backup

Often, when people ask themselves the question “what should I do to secure my data?”, they measure the effort involved against the peace of mind. However, put yourself in the position of losing days of your work, or even years of your family’s mementoes, simply because you didn’t see fit to back up your data. How would you feel then? With free, automatic, easily set up backup systems like Dropbox or OneDrive, you no longer have any excuse.

Backing Up Data Has Never Been Easier

If you have a Windows 10 operating system, you already have an integrated backup system – OneDrive. All you would need then is a broadband internet connection, which is present in most homes. Thanks to cloud computing, services like OneDrive or DropBox are reliable and easy to use. The burden of security is placed upon the companies who offer you these services, instead of you. If you locally store your data, in a separate HDD or memory stick, you are always at risk of losing that data due to mechanical failure.

With online cloud services, this risk is practically non-existent as the companies have numerous systems and high-grade hardware that is not available to the average user. Furthermore, online cloud services like Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive are set-and-forget. You only have to select which folders you would like to be continually backed up, and you are done. It couldn’t be easier. If you have large amounts of data to backup while having a low-speed internet connection, your only solution is to resort to an offline local backup. Companies like HGST and Western Digital have reliable solutions, but make sure to store your vital data on more than one HDD, preferably at more than one physical location.

Everyone Can And Must Back Up Data

Backing up your data, no matter what it is, should be an ingrained habit for anyone using a computer. Due to the availability, security, efficiency, ease of use, and negligible cost of online backup services, it is easier to have peace of mind. Just make sure to not share your passwords and access to your computer, even with people you trust. Companies take great care to safeguard your data, but they must also rely on you.

What should I do to secure my data?