Is There A Secure Data Center?

If you are in need of a large-scale IT infrastructure, data centers offer flexible, affordable, and on-demand computing power. Storing your digital assets in data centers mitigates the cost of building the infrastructure too. However, with computer network breaches becoming an everyday occurrence, most people will ask if data centers can offer robust security. Here, you will find out the elements that make for a secure data center.

Is there a secure data center?

Is There A Secure Data center?

With the development of new computer infrastructures, such as cloud computing and Rich Internet Applications, is there a secure data center? Different architectures and applications hosted in a data center add new layers of complexity. To ensure the security of these architectures, data center service providers should implement several layers of security measures. Before signing up with a data center service provider, you should ensure these measures are incorporated into its ecosystem.

Must-Have Security Features

At the very minimum, a data center must have an access control mechanism to ensure only authorised users can access data and resources. Secondly, robust and pro-active measures must be in place to fend off hackers. These may include intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and real-time network monitoring tools. These security implementations ensure that breaches and intrusions are detected in time, and warded off before they compromise the entire data center. Thirdly, a secure data center must protect the privacy of the data it stores. Measures such as data encryption and secure internet communication are a must. Lastly, it must offer sufficient protection against fires, power outages, and hardware failures. Consequently, secure data centers must periodically backup data on their systems and provide fail-safes for any of the above eventualities.

Ageless Computing Security

The nature of a secure data center constantly changes over time. However, even in the face of new computing technologies, the four security measures mentioned above have remained constant. Passwords and usernames were used to secure the first PCs, mainframes, and supercomputers. A sufficiently robust password goes a long way to protecting your digital assets. So does data encryption. Therefore, you can rely on the checklist provided here always to help you select a secure data center, no matter where you are.